Pikachu Festival Will Be Happening This August In Yokohama, Japan

How didn’t we know about this before now? And if YOU did.. then why the heck you keeping that stuff to yourself?!

There’s been an extraordinary Pikachu festival held in Yokohama, Japan for the past three years. Three years? Again, why didn’t we know about this?!

2017’s festival will be taking over with plenty of costumed Pikachu performers touching down in the city, hanging out with adoring fans, and generally being adorable. 

The Pokémon Corporation has already stated that there will be a ‘Pikachu Outbreak’ this year. The festival will run from August 9th through August 15th, featuring a special festive carnival theme.

The official name translates as: “The Not Just Pikachu Pikachu Outbreak,” which certainly hints that that other Pokemon will be making an appearance.

Pikachu’s Summer Festival Poster. Photo credit: anime-planet

Unfortunately unlike the song suggests you cannot catch them all, in fact, I’d rather hope that none are caught during the festivities.

I don’t know about you, but I’ll be scouring social media during August to see what happens in Yokohama!

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