This is more of a small stream of consciousness than an article.

As of late, I’ve been really interested in skateboarding videos and when I say ‘really interested’, I mean I’ve watched around 20 technique videos a day consistently for around 2 weeks now.

Honestly, the Braille Army is what got me hooked!

Well, I decided to bite the bullet around a week ago and I got myself a board! Despite being in my 20’s and feeling too old to start this kind of hobby out from scratch. 

And guess what? I GOT SOME NEW WHEELS TOO!!  ❤️

When I took it out, I immediately fell… no joke. It’s super fun and I love it, despite being covered in bruises.

This would be my ankle 3 days after a bad fall… ?
Changing out my bearings and wheels after the old ones locked mid skate sesh…
Don’t be a turd, this was like 4 days in and my trucks were hella loose.
Here’s my DIY attempt at making a hanging space for my skating ish.


I love it and I’LL KEEP YOU UPDATED ON MY PROGRESS, possibly with a video or something!

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