Hordes of excited users across the globe have proven themselves to be incredibly enthused about the prospect of yet another, much requested, Youtube desktop redesign.

Frequenters of the platform will be aware that users of this particular social media site are always thrilled concerning changes regarding the aesthetics, features and software of the site. In fact, I implore you to try and find one video across the whole platform of anyone complaining about any aesthetic or software changes past or present, can’t find any? 

Well then honestly then you’re not looking very hard because I could type ‘Sugar Glider vs Aligator’  into the search bar and after watching a guy punch a kangaroo in the face eventually emerge out of the other side with a video of a vlogger complaining about these changes.

We’ve all been to the weird side of Youtube after internet deep diving so don’t judge!

Do I blame these individuals? Frankly no. I often feel the same way, but ultimately we all grieve our loss then over the course of a week gradually but inevitably forget what our ‘before’ was and live with these changes, like an army of conditioned internet zombies who inevitably accept their circumstances because they know in reality there is little they can do about it other than complain. And honestly, we relish complaining so it’s no real task, though we may claim otherwise.

Wow that got off track…

I mean that really got outta hand fast

The site has a long documented history of users and Youtubers being less than enthused about these changes. But for once it seems as though the site are taking real stock of what the Youtube community actually wants! Though this will do little to placate the needs of the content creators, but that’s a completely separate rant for another day.

As of May 2nd, the company published a design preview of the changes and has called on the YouTube community to put it to the test.

An example of redesigned subscribe homepage! Image: Buzzfeed

According to a YouTube spokesperson, the redesign is intended to declutter the site of the visuals that can sometimes distract from the video viewing experience and to enable faster feature updates.

Among the first of such updates is a Dark Theme that turns YouTube’s typically white background black. A pointless waste of resources they could be implementing into ensuring the views and revenue associated actually reach the creators? Well now… that’s up to you to decide, isn’t it?

YouTube said in a statement that it wants the redesign to adhere to three main principles: “simplicity, consistency, and beauty.” YouTube has also rebuilt the site’s backend with a framework called Polymer that it says will allow for faster feature updates.

Hopefully, these changes signal a shift in attitude and policy which would prove to be much-needed relief for countless individuals in the content creation community, who have recently gone on record saying they are struggling as a result of the new algorithms in place resulting in reduced views (Google that ish).

Introducing the all new Dark Theme.

It’s designed to cut down on glare and to make it easier to watch YouTube at night on your brightly lit devices. (Anyone else getting Twitch vibes here?)

All jokes aside, I may have razzed them about it in this article but as someone who often late night bindge views… this change would be pretty rad.

Image credit: Buzzfeed
What’s your opinion on the redesign?
Do you even see a difference/do you care?

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