The gaming industry has waited months for any news on the Nintendo NX. And while there is still no official word from the console and game manufacturer itself, other game developers have pieced together clues on the upcoming devices. In doing so, a painting of the upcoming device has been created.

The Nintendo NX is a very elusive console, with plenty of speculation surrounding the same. However, things are getting clearer and clearer as the weeks pass and the reveal draws nearer and nearer. (Commonwealth realm/YouTube)

Nintendo NX: Release Date

It was previously speculated that Nintendo would finally unearth the Nintendo NX at the 2016 Tokyo Games Show. But the same has come and gone, and the public is not precisely more knowledgeable than the before the weekend.

Fortunately, however, the gaming company has not moved back its promise of a March 2017 release, as noted by PC Advisor. To be more specific, the console is expected to be made available on early on in the month. This is because the Nintendo NX is expected to launch with “Zelda: Breath Of The Wild,” which was leaked for release on March 4.

All regions are expected to see the Nintendo NX on March of next year.

Nintendo NX: Graphic Specs

According to WCCFTech, IGN co-founder Peer Schneider confirmed that the Nintendo NX is considered a “reboot” within the walls of Nintendo. Because of this, it is highly likely that the public will feed their nostalgic appetite as the console will make use of cartridges.

More exciting, however, is that the Nintendo NX will have a 720p screen resolution.

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