Nintendo unveil unexpected updates.  

A new Pokemon trailer has unveiled some significant changes that will be appearing in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

The trailer showcased six further Pokemon that will appear in the game, with classic Pokemon also emerging in the Alola region.

The six new Pokemon:

  • Bird Pokemon Oricoro
  • Rock/flying Type Minior
  • Yungoos’s Evolved form Gumshoos
  • Nocturnal Grass type Pokemon Fomantis
  • Mudsdale’s pre-evolved form Mudbray.

According to the Pokemon Sun and Moon’s website, Tomy International will release a real life Z-Ring that vibrates and lights up whenever a player uses a Z-Move in the game. The new introduction of ‘Z-Moves’ allows for  robust attacks that can be used by Pokemon once per battle.

Players will likewise be capable of discovering “Island Trials”, which will have to be completed before proceeding to the next.

A new PokeRide system was also introduced in the Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer, which enables players to summon Pokemon to help them travel terrain they couldn’t handle solo.

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