Yes, yet another Pokemon Go story to entertain those masses!

It seems as though these pocket monsters are causing as much trouble as the did for Ash back in the good old Indigo League! (*sigh* I’m getting old)

Hundreds of people have been swarming to a small neighbourhood complex to take advantage of  the 100+ different species of high-powered Pokémon located in the area.

Rhodes, a Suburgatory worthy development in Sydney’s west, has become a meeting spot for hundreds of players from across the city.


After being released last week, the game blew up across ios and android platforms,  soaring to the top of Apple’s app store in the first few days of release.

The game requires ‘Trainers’ to travel or walk to new locations to catch a variety of the lovable Japanese Pocket Monsters! The suburb of Rhodes was quickly identified as a hotspot for uncommonly rare Pokémon, and the virality of the game caused word to spread fast, much to the frustration of residents who merely want the peace and quiet of their suburb back.

according to reports around the web, the reason this location is so profitable is due to the presence of three intersecting PokéStops.

This intersection results in triple experience points, triple Pokemon, and triple coins. There are also continual ‘lures’ in this zone, which means there is a constant flow of monsters.”

Apparently, the area falls  into absolute chaos each night,  with crowds of well over 1,000 congregating in the evenings.

According to residents the large numbers of people are causing noise problems and engaging in anti-social behaviours.

The nightly meet-ups started as a gathering of roughly 70 local residents last week, increasing in numbers every night following.

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The small children’s park reportedly houses over 300 people who gather each night to play the game.

Last week, residents living in the apartment blocks surrounding the park took the law into their own hands, hurling water bombs and eggs from balconies at people gathering below.

Surprising, while the police were called, it was primarily the seemingly unagitated and nonreactive crowd that were threatened with fines.

HOWEVER – In my humble opinion, while Pokemon GO is a huge fad at the moment, the popularity will start to die down in the coming month. That’s not to say that a large number will still play, but in the absence of any huge update, many players are going to start finding the gameplay stale and repetitive.

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