YouTube has pledged to do more to nurture the next generation of video talent on its platform by introducing new tech and employing real humans to help usher in a new generation of talent.

As part of the move, YT are to offer a more “human touch” to the video service, which will strengthen its efforts to weed out trolls and  exploitative multi-channel deals.

Vice-president of operations Sebastien Missoffe said: “We need to balance the great technology we have and bring this human access for every single creator. They can reach a human being at YouTube.”

This will see YouTube offer four tiers of support in accordance with how many subscribers a creator boasts in tandem with a new creator hub from which diverse services such as comment moderation and copyright tools can be managed.

As such even the smallest channels will now be able to talk to YouTube directly whilst those with 1000 subscribers and more will be invited to attend workshops and events. Those with upwards of 10,000 subscribers can talk with YouTube partner managers and those with over 100,000 subscribers will be assigned their own named partner.

YouTube is seeking to enhance its offer to content creators in the face of increased competition from the likes of Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter.

H/T: The Drum

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