The heartwarming moment a local Floridian police officer took a nap with a puppy he found under his squad car is going viral.

After his exhausting 12-hour night shift,  police officer Kareem Garibaldi was looking forward to heading home for some much-deserved rest. 

But after clocking out of his night shift at 7am on Saturday, Garibaldi found a tiny puppy hiding under his police cruiser.

He took the terrified pup, now named Hope, back to the police station and where he spent a further two days looking for her home. After a fruitless search, he was  left with no choice but to take her to an animal shelter on Monday, where these heartwarming pictures were snapped.

Hope, the pit bull/boxer cross is fine and has since found a new owner, in a dispatcher for the same police department she was first taken to.

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