For those of you who aren’t familiar, theodd1sout comic aka James R is the creator of a ‘semi-popular’ webcomic ‘theodd1sout’. This talented animator now has an up and coming YouTube channel with over 400,000 followers!

James was nice enough to take a little time out and give us an exclusive interview.

He started drawing comics when he was around 12 years old, drawing stick figure comics for his friends. But it was once he reached 16 that he wanted to put his comics online, so started to teach himself how to draw. On the subject, he added: ‘I’m still trying to better myself’.

James said that while he wouldn’t call his creations ‘professional’, he always tries to better himself and his drawings. He said: ‘I looked at other people art and I saw what worked and what didn’t.’ Drawing for the past four years and analysing others work has helped him along the way.

When drawing his comics, James would watch other people’s YouTube videos. And after a while, he realized that he could be doing that.  So back in 2014 he started making videos and did the same thing with his drawings, always trying to better his videos. 

When watching one of his creations it’s easy to believe they take a long time to animate and edit, James said that a complete video from concept to creation usually takes him about a week and a half. He added: ‘But that’s when I don’t have finals.’

With a fast-growing audience, it’s hard to believe it took a year of drawing comics before his channel broke 100 followers. Because of his cartoons in 2014 when he started his YouTube he already had 2,000 subscribers. He said that initially his subs came in pretty slowly.

However, it was when he posted the ASMR video in February this year, that his channel got a boost of new subscribers! He said: ‘I broke 100,000 with that video.’  Then when he made the ‘Sooubway’ Video his audience tripled!

Loading Artist and Comics were a big inspiration to James when he started making theodd1sout comics.

With such funny, and original content it’s hard to believe there are any problems behind the scenes. James said: ‘The biggest problem is when I’m making a video or comic that I don’t like. It’s so hard spending so much time and energy into something that you don’t like.’

Even people with a large audience and an extensive portfolio of creations get creative block! James said to get over his block, he goes for a walk to try to think about things to draw. He said: ‘I’m trying this new method where I keep a journal and write in it for 15 minutes until something comes to my mind.’

For any aspiring creators out there James suggested they check out this video he madeQ


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