So apparently even year on May 8th the world has a day, a day to celebrate the freeing of our 10 little piggies. Yeah… it was news to me too.

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If you’re anything like me, chances are you love a good pair of socks. So the idea of this day sort of perplexes me.  

No Socks Day. A day to free your toes  from their stocking prisons, a day to free your dogs from their confines. To be honest it’s never really been an issue for me… but then again, I’m only writing about this because I found it humorous. 

It’s time to get out your thongs(the shoe kind), your sandals and dust off those flip flops. For today is No Socks Day.

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Go ahead….. give those feet of yours a breath of fresh air.

The creators of this day declared that No Socks Day will reduce your laundry load, and thus is healthy for the environment. But I rarely put on a wash based on how many socks are in the basket, so… how true this really is, I will leave up to you.

We all have some sort of meagre love affair directed towards socks, they protect our feet, keep them warm. But you know what? They aren’t always the answer, and sometimes they’re just downright annoying. 

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As you would suspect it’s fairly easy to participate. You simply head out into the world with your feet unbound. 

I attempted to celebrate No sock day… in the spirit of blogging and all that fuss. But to be honest I lasted all but 10 minutes into leaving my room. For further reference the floor in my flat is vile.

 What do you think of No Socks Day?

 Did/will you celebrate?

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