As an animal lover, it pains me to live in the city when my best friend is over 300 miles away on a Scottish Island.

2012-11-17 23.15.12

Today is April 11th – Pet day.

A chance for owners to show their pets just how much we love them.

Time to grab your favorite pal and give ‘em a hug… or a gentle pat, depending on the animal… or demeanor.

It doesn’t matter if your pal has feathers… 2012-05-30 23.27.03

or if he has fur… 2013-01-13 23.43.07

or if she still sleeps with soft toys!2012-11-17 23.41.06

Just make sure that today you give that creature all the love it deserves!

Just remember… 2012-11-18 17.31.04

Real friends….2013-01-06 20.15.36

goofy friends…  2013-01-05 23.04.36

Best friends…2013-01-06 16.05.19  

They’re hard to come by! 2013-01-06 20.19.05

 Because It doesn’t matter if they mess up your stuff 2013-12-28 21.39.45

or if other people think they’re weird  2014-02-17 19.43.56

PETS ARE ALWAYS THERE2014-02-17 21.35.39

TO BE WEIRD BESIDE YOU. 2013-12-31 23.41.55

Love your pet!


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