Over the past few weeks, I’ve been pretty immersed in the online world. More so than usual.

After a series of unfortunate events, and nothing quite so entertaining as Lemony Snicket’s account, I found myself delving into work. Freelance, college, and blog related work. But I don’t like to work in silence. In fact, I physically can’t.

Usually, I embrace reality television as background noise, but the mind rotting stupidity of these shows was taking its toll. i.e. Its quite hard to fill out paperwork with five grown women yelling over wine and … wine-related shit.

To fill the silence I started to seek out new Youtubers – when I say new. I mean new to me, or in some cases rediscovered by me.

So here’s a round-up of my Top Five Youtube Channels of the week!

Number 5: ThreadBanger

I have to say there is something highly entertaining about watching a full grown man attempt to make lip gloss and cut himself so regularly that there should be a medic standing camera side for each video!

A little hard to introduce I highly advise that you just watch the video below.

Number 4: my VIRGIN kitchen

Best known for his giant creations, Barry now meeks weekly cooking videos.

And for some reason, they’re pretty entertaining. Maybe it’s because the queen shows up in a few.

Number 3: Just between us

Just Between Us is an LA-based odd couple comedy channel from co-dependent besties Allison Raskin and Gaby Dunn.

Best known (at least by me)for their work and appearances in many of the well known Buzzfeed series.

Tune in on Mondays for their weekly dating advice show. You will learn nothing. Tune in on Thursdays for an original sketch. You will also learn nothing.

Number 2 (a close second) FACTS.

Facts are my guilty pleasure at the moment, and it was an insanely close race for first place. These guys are practically tied and I honestly love them! Every time I see a video of theirs on my youtube feed, it gives me a huge smile!

I guess you’d describe them as an Irish Buzzfeed? Because essentially that’s what they are, just on a smaller scale. To be honest, I love Irish people – and I suspect that why I like them so much. When I listen to their videos I feel like I’m back in Ireland with my cousins! In essence… the videos make me feel nostalgic AF. Plus they’re Irish…. so it’s always funny!

And my number 1 slot?!

Well, that goes out to theodd1sout comic!

My new favourite animator and Youtuber, theodd1sout comic aka James R a 19 years old college student.

With a semi-popular webcomic, ‘theodd1sout’ – comes un upcoming YouTube channel! Where he talks about ’embarrassing moments in his life or his stupid opinions’.

Oh and for extra cool points? He likes Pokemon! Well, at least he likes it enough to mention on his Tumblr bio.

If you want to know his favorite Pokemon, just look bellow!

Check out everything he’s drawn on his Tumblr: theodd1sout.tumblr.com


Let us know what you think of this list! Have you heard of any of these channels before?


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