A travelling photographer by the name of Jorge Saenz has been using some clever perspective tricks and his iPhone to bring his flea market friends to life in a series of epic dino-tastic snaps  #Dinodinaseries.

And I think you’ll all agree that the travel snaps are made infinitely better with the addition of these prehistoric pals.

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The photos document the travels of a posse of dinosaur tourists’ across South America, a journey that began with just one dinosaur – a green Brachiosaurus from Bolivia.

The series first began when Saenz bought his first dinosaur at a flea market in La Paz, Bolivia, and posted a picture of Dino online.

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 02.06.31

After the photo proved to be a surprise hit, Saenz decided Dino needed some companions!

Dina the Stegosaurus, Spiny the Spinosaurus, and Brachy, a brown Brachiosaurus who also happens to be Dino’s girlfriend.

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 02.08.00

Saenz always travels with his dino friends, each of whom has a distinct personality to match their name.

Dinodinaseries photos are always captioned with a description from the dinosaurs’ perspective of the modern world.


Images via Jorge saenzpy (h/t: lostateminor)

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Follow Jorge Saenz to keep up with the latest adventures of his ancient reptile friends.

UPDATE: Jorge Saenz as of tonight(March 16th) has made his account private. 


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