You Can Now Complain To Apple On Twitter

Yes, you read that right! Apple is now offering customer service via Twitter. To those of you have experience using the apple store or phone line for customer support, this brings some welcome news!

Apple is ramping up its social media presence on Twitter. On Thursday morning on March 3rd, the company debuted their new “@AppleSupport” account. Which is dedicated to providing customer support and broadcasting tips and tricks about how to best use Apple products.

For Apple, whose Twitter accounts typically focus on products like Beats 1 and Apple Music, @applesupport is about as close as the company has gotten to a core social media presence. And the account is already very busy. Since launching at 5AM PT, the account racked up more than 52,000 followers and fired off more than 500 responses to customers.

(h/t: Buzzfeed)


  1. I wonder how effective this can be, with so few characters available for each tweet they put out. I Imagine they’ll just link people to a faq page.

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