Brooklynites are losing their minds over the new rainbow bagel sensations that’s trending across social media! A hybrid that looks like the unholy union of a unicorn, a leprechaun and a donut.

These rainbow bagels are the creation of Brooklyn bakery The Bagel Store and, apparently, they’re selling out like hot cakes!

It’s no wonder when not only do these bagels come in a sickeningly colourful shell, but also slathered in your choice of Nutella and cream cheese, or rainbow sprinkles and cream cheese mixed with candyfloss and pieces of Funfetti cake.

The bagels started blowing up on Instagram after Kim Kardashian’s renowned bessie Jonathan Cheban shared pictures of his colourful delivery back in October.

Apparently they taste like cereal, and you’ll get a ton of likes if you post a photo of one of the brooklyn bagels on social media.

If you’re curious to see how they’re made, I’ve got you covered!


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