If you hadn’t heard the news, Xena’s back! At least in comic form… To celebrate the upcoming reboot here’s 10 cool Xena related items you can buy to commemorate the new release in style!

1. The ultimate xena marathon

Source: Amazon

2. These cool Chakram necklaces(past and present)

Source: DaisyNation

3. AN insanely cute Mini Wristband Dangle Charm!

Source: Etsy.com

4.This Not-xena-because-of-COPYRIGHT lego warrior woman 

Source: Amazon.com


5. Represent with this cool T

Source: Allposters

6. Why not decorate your wall with this cute decal?

Source: redbubble

7. Kick some A@$ with a replica GABRIELLE bo staff 

Source: ToddsCostumes

8. Work out your throwing arm with a real Yin-Yang chakram!

Source: Ebay.com

9. Why not Play AS your favorite Warrior Princess(old school)

Source: Amazon.co.uk

10. Reenact some of your favorite scenes with these action figures!

Get them here: Amazon

Update: You can read this post on BuzzFeed!


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