There are plenty of rumors flying around about the new iPhone 7.

One of the biggest rumors about the iPhone 7 is that Apple is planning to ditch the device’s standard headphone jack and will instead opt for a headphone connection to take place either via a Lightning port or Bluetooth. (And I’m sure  they’re more than made up for it with the new battery life. *sigh*)

Image Source: Zach Epstein, BGR

Apple’s latest and seemingly never-ending crusade to make their products thinner may have their latest casualty lined up in the crosshairs. It looks like the company is planning on killing the standard headphone port which will render your beloved wired headphones… useless

The headphone jack is the widest external port on the iPhone, to maintain the standard 3.5mm jack it can’t get any thinner. So Apple may get rid of it completely to shave off those precious millimeters from the iPhone 7.

The rumours suggest that Apple will sell Lightning-compatible Ear Pods together with the iPhone 7 when it comes out in mid-late 2016.

As of yet, all rumors are unconfirmed, but as the year progresses I’m sure we’ll hear plenty more!

Let’s all hope that the latest batch of rumours are just that, rumours.


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