After 24 days of festive content – What lies behind our last door?

I decided that for today’s entry, I’d tell you guys what me and my family got up to on Christmas eve!

I love being at home for Christmas, and besides the actual day, Christmas eve must be my favorite thing about the holiday!

I had been hoping and praying that it would be snowing today, or at the very least that it would be cold enough for us to go mess around by the lake, this is the first Christmas eve in years where it hadn’t been cold enough to do this!

As you can see the ice is usually thick enough for us to play on! But to make up for the lack of ice we opted for a walk instead! While the weather wasn’t exactly permitting, it was nothing a pair of wellies and a few extra layers couldn’t fix.




IMG_1620   IMG_1684

If you’re wondering what you’re looking at under here, it’s Lara(my dog) taking off down the beach after a mink/sea-otter/stoat. We have no idea what it was to be honest, and it happened super quick so these were the only snaps I managed to take! And it disappeared into the surf before the dog got anywhere near it.




(These were the tracks of the poor little guy!)IMG_1725



This year we decided to break with tradition and do something we hadn’t done in years. We decided to go along to the carol service! I have fond memories of this event, hundreds(perhaps a slight over exaggeration) of local people gathering together in a brightly lit and festively decorated hall, all singing Christmas songs, catching up and indulging in the holiday tradition of overeating. However, I have to say, I haven’t felt that awkward or unwelcome since high school! The minute me and my family stepped into the sparsely decorated hall, that had less than half a dozen people in it(it did eventually get a bit busier) I wanted to hang myself! We were both ignored and stared at! It’s comical to think of now, but at the time, it sure didn’t feel it.

There was nothing but religious propaganda here, now don’t get me wrong our family quite enjoys hymns and psalms, especially with a mother who was brought up by nuns in Ireland(no I’m not joking). But this was ridiculous, to say the ‘priest’ was reaching with his analogies and references would be an overstatement.  There was nothing enjoyable about the service in the slightest. Where were the festive tunes and Christmas classics? I mean, I hadn’t even heard of half of the songs they chose! But thanks to the so-called ‘priest’ me and my siblings all have a funny anecdote relating to crackers, crackers, and Jesus.

We even ran into someone we hadn’t seen in years, the highlight of his conversation was him stating that my sisters boyfriend, who was visiting from China(for the first time), was  ‘a refugee’ and that if he’d ‘had the decency to be Thai’ they could have had a decent conversation. But what do you expect from a retired 80 something-year-old doctor… Again we laugh about it now, but at the time…

To be honest, we found the whole thing so disturbing that we came back and opened one gift each from under the tree!


Mine was a smartphone projector, took a while to put together but it works! All in all, it’s been a pretty good Christmas Eve, I hope you all had a great one too!



  1. Piece of writing writing is also a excitement, if you know after that you can write or else it is difficult to write. Well done for speaking out against what happend when you was home too. Racism is nevre acceptable

  2. I love the idea of opening a present on Christmas Eve! I think next year i might try convince my hubby to let the kids do that. Maybe make it a pair of pajamas or something.

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