Discover 24 days of festive content – What lies behind door number 20?

My first full day home is almost at an end, in the chaos and wrapping paper I forgot to come up with today’s advent calendar – so here’s 20 pictures of my first festive day back!

Number 1: Creative wrapping


Yesterday’s blog entry was about creative ways to wrap, well… we ran out of wrapping paper today and were forced to get creative. The brown paper is packaging from amazon, and the pink is old tissue paper from shopping. As a side note: Our household  always has spare ribbon and tags laying around.

Number 2: Festive Feline


Our cat, ling, getting in on the action, she was very helpful – ie, she chose to lie on top of the decorations.

Number 3: Our TreeIMG_1282

We finally got around to putting the gifts out today, took us hours to sort the gifts. It’s actually a lot earlier than we usually put them out, we ordinarily opt for the 23rd as our gift date, but our cat and dog were pretty calm this year, so it seemed to fit well.

Number 4:  Mini Hot chocolates


What’s Christmas without hot chocolate, I ask you? These pint-sized drinks were in espresso cups – FYI. there’s melted marshmallow under the whipped cream!

Number 5: Robins


Our house is FILLED with robins, seriously. We love them. Something about that red breast just screams Christmas to me! ❤️

Number 6: Key holder


This Lil’ guy is often used to hold keys or headphones, this year, however, he’s been upgraded!



Robins, man. They’re even in the tree!

Number 8: More wrapping


Some more creative wrapping, this one is aimed at our father who has a sweet tooth. Chances are he won’t even look at the wrapping, but I know it looked good. So that’s all that matters. *sobs into pillow*

Number 9: Kiddy art!


We LOVE getting art from the little ones in our family, this masterpiece was created by my cousin’s little guy ‘Enzo’ aka Picasso. This card takes pride of place on our mantle this year.

Number 10: Fake fruit


No one knows why we all have fake fruit, especially around Christmas. But to make it worst, my family mixed actually fruit in with them… that’ll be fun after a few rounds of an eggnog fuelled charades match.

Number 11: Donkey nativity 


Surprise surprise, in our house we also love animals. especially cute ones. SO instead of a nativity for the last few years, we have added to our animal snow scene. (yes that is a handmade polystyrene iglu with individually glued on bricks…)

Number 12: Bear with me


I couldn’t not show you guys these cuties, we added a penguin to the scene this year. However he’s hiding in this snap, in the iglu one can only assume.

Number 13: Wreath 


This thing is older than I am. Seriously it’s been around for decades. That’s all I have to say on the matter.

Number 14: quality time


My sister is gonna kill me for putting this up, but oh well. Family time is a must around this season, and it’s fun too! (Assuming it’s broken up by tv Christmas specials that is.)

Number 15: Fairy lights EVERYWHERE 


They’re everywhere, I even see them in my dreams! We’re actually pretty prone to power cuts on the Western Isles, so having these battery operated lights everywhere have a practical use too!

Number 16: BAUBLES and snowflakes 


My mother LOVES to make these snowflake things. She’s pretty darn good at them too. Crochet is a delicate art form, one I don’t have the patience for. As a result, we have dozens of these strung  up around our kitchen and dining room

Number 17: Snowmen 


These guys have been saved from years of gift giving, they’re usually found hanging around on one of the sofas in the living area. Some of these fellas are more than 10 years old! That’s pretty good for a soft toy.

Number 18: Chestnuts roasting on an open fire


Did you notice the robin? Our house is always toasty around Christmas, plenty of chopped wood and peats to tide us into the new year.

Number 19: Work gifts


My mother works in the hospital, so she likes to make sure there’s snacks for the people working Christmas day. I think it’s pretty sweet of her! (No pun intended.)

Number 20: More Christmas time


 ❤️Like I said, family time is important! ❤️


  1. That pink and brown one looks great. I would actually cry if we ran out of paper though, don’t have the patience for that sort of thing.

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