Discover 24 days of festive content – What lies behind door number 19?

Let’s hope you all have your christmas shopping done, but now comes the time-consuming part. Time to wrap everything! Here are 19 gift wrapping ideas.

Number 1: Use a scarf

Source: polkadotbride

Using a new scarf to wrap your gift is not only cute, and different but also insures that the wrap becomes part of the gift!

Number 2:Use newspaper or magazine pages.

Source: careyfuller

This will costs you absolutely nothing… assuming you already have a paper lying around, and it looks like you put a lot of effort into the wrapping. #VintageAF

Number 3: utilize your origami skills

Source: linesacross

These are a great idea for any tiny gifts. You can even hang them on your Christmas tree!

Number 4: washi gifts

Source: teaforjoy

Some wrapping ideas with Japanese Washi tape, very simple to do with great effects!

Number 5: Plain paper  with personalised cutouts

Source: bugsandfishes

I’ve actually done this before, and it’s so much better than you’d expect. Looks great under the tree and costs next to nothing to recreate. I actually used the brown paper that amazon use to package their items, so didn’t spend anything on wrapping – just the cost of tape.

Number 6: Something a little sweeter

Source: sortrature

Why not treat the person with a sweet tooth to a little something extra this season. You could use pretty much anything for this, mini chocolate bars, boiled sweets in wrappers etc.

Number 7: Secret arrival – postal decoration

Source: lmnop

Such a cute idea for the little ones around the home, it can look especially good if they’re from Santa.  Recycle old stamps from letters, and twine from around the house, It’s a fun craft that will make your gifts extra exciting.

Number 8: EXPLORERS gift

Source: onehundreddollarsamonth

Use craft paper or old maps to recreate this one, Paperchase do a really nice range of papers similar to these. Perfect for the little explorer or the big globetrotter in your life!

Number 9: Plain and SImple

Source: almostmakesperfect

If you like the classic, clean look under the tree – this one is for you!

Number 10: Patterned in christmas red

Source: sortrature

A pretty little package, perfect for the classy lady in your life.

Number 11: Monogrammed tag

Source: thelovenerds

A monogrammed gift tag can really change the whole look of a gift, with little time you can make it look like a lot of effort has gone into the wrapping!

Number 12: Confetti edition

Source: minieco

I love this wrap because there are no bows to get squashed or tags to drop off. And the best bit? – The confetti moves when you shake it!

Number 13: A splash or sprinkle is enough

Source: stylelogistics

Who doesn’t love a good splatter paint project?

Number 14: Baggie and ribbon

Source: remodelandolacasa

So simple even YOU could do it! No excuse for that supermarket plastic bag now!

Number 15: Creature creations

Source: mrprintables

So cute I don’t even need to give a description. ^_^

Number 16: Another animal creation

Source: allyou

Better than leaving your presents bare this year.

Number 17: Wrapping money?

Source: allyou

Sometimes it’s just easier, and more appreciated to give money, but how do you gift it? Do you put it in a card, give them coins wrapped up? Nope, here’s the solution.

Number 18: Create a snowman!

Source: simplylivinggreen

You aren’t limited just to snowmen here, the only limitation is your imagination.

Number 19: Dot art

Source: splashofsomething

You can’t celebrate christmas without a bit of Rudolph! And the kids can help with this easy dot project.


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