Discover 24 days of festive content – What lies behind door number 17?

It’s almost time for me to head home, so like me, there are many people who need to fit in some last minute Christmas shopping. Here are 17 gift ideas:

DIY – money can be tight around this time, so here are a few gifts y0u can make at home, that you would actually want to receive!

Number 1: Lip balm

A nice all natural way to say ‘your lips are gross and dry’ Directions here hiphome.

Number 2: personalised tree decorations

(great for new couples and arrivals – babies)

A cool way to adorn any nerds tree, this gift seems perfect for people with new arrivals around the festive period.

Further details available here: mysweetsavannah

Number 3: Travel Art Kit

For car rides find out how to make one here.

Number 4: Stenciled Jar

If done correctly, these could make a really nice gift, especially for those who always have fresh flowers around the home. Directions here.

Number 5: Terrarium Jar

It’s like a tiny jungle you can own. Directions here.

Couple Gifts – we all know it, when someone enters a relationship they basically merge into one AMORPHOUS blob. 

Number 6: Book a Trip Away for 2

If the whole family pitches in, you can get someone an unforgettable gift that won’t break the bank.

Number 7: Pamper day

Treat someone to a Pamper Day and Champagne Lunch for Two. Where they can enjoy the chance to unwind and chill out in a tranquil environment and revitalize in the sauna, steam room or jacuzzi. You can find similar day offers at

Number 8: A personalised chopping board

These are a great idea for newlyweds who have just moved into a new home! You can find this one here

Number 9: Scratch map for travellers 

If you know two people who like to travel or frequently holiday this would be the perfect gift for them!

Number 10: Loving Star wars tribute

Nobody dodges commitment like our beloved Han Solo, but if you know two people who are committed enough to adorn these rings, you’ll end up looking like a hero if your name is on the gift tag. here

Girly girl – We all have one, the lady on our list who loves all things pink and lacy – Here are some gift ideas for her!

Number 11: Sweetheart apron 

A classic vintage style sweetheart apron in a primrose red and teal floral on a white background with solid red trims and ties via Etsy

Number 12: Rose Quartz & 14k Gold statement ring 

Rose Quartz Crystal is a quartz crystal that derives its name from its lovely rose pink color.
This Gemstone is a stone that epitomizes the vibration of love. This may be why this stone is symbolic of the energy of love, peace and calming energy, get yours here

Number 13: Selfie coasters

This is the perfect gift for the girl who lives on Instagram, give her the opportunity to turn her selfies into cup rests, just like she’s always dreamt of.

PET LOVERS – if you know someone with a pet, then IT’S a safe assumption that they’d love something for their furry companions – and if they don’t then they’re heartless and you should associate with them.

Number 14: Friendship collar

That’s right guys, you can get a matching bracelet and collar set! I would genuinely be delighted if someone gave me and my pooch this as a gift. The company Friendship Collar do both cat and dog collars!

Number 15: Tag and necklace set 

To go along with the collars, why not get a necklace and charm set to match? At £34 they’re a tad expensive, but who could put a price on a love between a pet and its owner! Find them here

Number 16: memorialised Nose print 

What could be cuter than wearing the canine equivalent to a fingerprint around your neck? Find them here

Number 17: BarkBox

Gift a BarkBox subscription to give both your friend and their pup something to wag about! Subscribe here


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