Skateboarding at 23?

This is more of a small stream of consciousness than an article.

As of late, I’ve been really interested in skateboarding videos and when I say ‘really interested’, I mean I’ve watched around 20 technique videos a day consistently for around 2 weeks now.

Honestly, the Braille Army is what got me hooked!

Well, I decided to bite the bullet around a week ago and I got myself a board! Despite being in my 20’s and feeling too old to start this kind of hobby out from scratch.  Continue reading


Hi guys,

I’m not entirely sure how to start this without rambling, so I’m just going to cut straight to the point.

I started Uni in September and want to make sure I’m giving myself the best chance possible. So earlier this week I decided that for the Month of October, there’s going to be radio silence on my end. Just until I’m happy I’ve adjusted to where I want to be.

Luckily I seem to have met a really great group of people, a HUGE contrast to the humans I’ve had the misfortune to be associated with earlier this year. And these new people have done wonders for my impression of the human race.

But that’s a whole other story!

Hopefully, I’ll pick up the writing again in November, however, I feel as though I haven’t been putting my best foot forward in terms of the content on this blog.

November and December may be months light in terms content creation, but I will aim to upload when I can. Then in the new year, I’m hoping to start creating again on a more frequent timetable. That’s including, the blog, youtube and Instagram.

However, because of events earlier this year I’ve been apprehensive about creating content and sharing it across platforms again.

So the first few weeks/months after the new year will be a real trial and error project, so please bear with me until things are worked out.

Thank you for standing by,

I hope to see most of you after the new year!


Flo – Making life easier for parents

(Not sponsored)Flo the non-invasive ‘smart thermometer’ is a revolutionary way of checking and monitoring temperature. Designed for parents by parents, there are no wires, it doesn’t require any body contact, and you get accurate readings instantly.

From new parents, medical professionals and drink makers to nannies, chefs and teachers, there are so many people and professions that could benefit from Zeraph’s latest innovation.

As someone who used to be a full-time nanny, worked as an au-pair and frequently babysits, I needn’t point out that the practical application of this product could make ripples worldwide.

We all know that when babies and young toddlers are crying and seem out of sorts it’s a scary time because they cannot explain what’s wrong, and there’s always a fear that the little one could be running a fever. Continue reading

Interviewing one of the men behind Flo

Flo the ‘smart thermometer’ –  a revolutionary way of checking and monitoring temperature. Designed for parents by parents, Flo has no wires, it doesn’t require any body contact, and you get accurate readings instantly.

The Bluetooth thermometer was designed by two fathers, who saw a gap in the market. MisplacedPixels got an exclusive interview with the the founder, Eddie Cheung, who is also in charge of engineering 

Continue reading


Twitter is no stranger to trends, in fact, one might argue that it is the largest influence in the trending community.

But over the past few days, the Hashtag IAlwaysGetAnnoyedWhen has dominated so many of our feeds.Amassing an incredible 63.8k over the two days, no one quite knows where the virality of the hashtag originates from. But as it reached number one in the trending hashtags section, there are plenty of entertaining posts to keep us busy until the next viral outburst!

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 00.20.56 Continue reading

2015 in Review


Of all the years I remember, 2015 was the year that really seemed to fly by. Both sad and elated to see the end of it, this year has brought some real challenges as well as some fond memories. While I’m glad to be able to look back on it, I’m left feeling somewhat wistful and nostalgic at the prospect of another year. Nonetheless, I am excited, if not slightly apprehensive to see what 2016 has in store for me!

So here’s a mini-review of this year and what it has brought for me personally. Continue reading