There’s a Pikachu Festival And It’s Everything You Want It To Be

Pikachu Festival Will Be Happening This August In Yokohama, Japan

How didn’t we know about this before now? And if YOU did.. then why the heck you keeping that stuff to yourself?!

There’s been an extraordinary Pikachu festival held in Yokohama, Japan for the past three years. Three years? Again, why didn’t we know about this?!

2017’s festival will be taking over with plenty of costumed Pikachu performers touching down in the city, hanging out with adoring fans, and generally being adorable.  Continue reading

Red Dead Delay

Fans of the franchise will know that late last year, RockStar Games announced the much anticipated (?) sequel: Red Dead Redemption 2. At the time of the initial announcement, the company affirmed the game would be published sometime in the late fall of 2017.

However, anyone who knows the history of RockStar’s past releases will be well aware that the company frequently delay their titles. Keeping this in mind, it should come as no surprise that the Red Dead sequal will not be reaching consoles for the holidays this year.  Continue reading


International Fanny Pack Day I hear you say?

Remember the fanny pack? From the 80s, or at least from 80s sitcoms… What better way to celebrate the weirdest holiday I’ve seen all week than by checking out some geeky merch! #NotSponsored

Image Credit: TeapotBlog

You know, in Suicide Kings #3 Spider-Man calls Deadpool a walking fanny pack. So if Deadpool, the walking fanny pack, is wearing a Deadpool fanny pack – that’s right. It’s fannypackception. Fanceptionpack? You… go read the rest of this. We’ll be over here working that bit out. *scribbles furiously with a Sharpie*


Rep that merch, the Deadpool Fannypack is a ThinkGeek creation & exclusive.