Red Dead Delay

Fans of the franchise will know that late last year, RockStar Games announced the much anticipated (?) sequel: Red Dead Redemption 2. At the time of the initial announcement, the company affirmed the game would be published sometime in the late fall of 2017.

However, anyone who knows the history of RockStar’s past releases will be well aware that the company frequently delay their titles. Keeping this in mind, it should come as no surprise that the Red Dead sequal will not be reaching consoles for the holidays this year.  Continue reading

Nintendo NX

The gaming industry has waited months for any news on the Nintendo NX. And while there is still no official word from the console and game manufacturer itself, other game developers have pieced together clues on the upcoming devices. In doing so, a painting of the upcoming device has been created.

The Nintendo NX is a very elusive console, with plenty of speculation surrounding the same. However, things are getting clearer and clearer as the weeks pass and the reveal draws nearer and nearer. (Commonwealth realm/YouTube)

Nintendo NX: Release Date

It was previously speculated that Nintendo would finally unearth the Nintendo NX at the 2016 Tokyo Games Show. But the same has come and gone, and the public is not precisely more knowledgeable than the before the weekend. Continue reading

Pokemon No!

Yes, yet another Pokemon Go story to entertain those masses!

It seems as though these pocket monsters are causing as much trouble as the did for Ash back in the good old Indigo League! (*sigh* I’m getting old)

Hundreds of people have been swarming to a small neighbourhood complex to take advantage of  the 100+ different species of high-powered Pokémon located in the area.

Continue reading