Comic Short – Fire at Will

Fire at will - first draft

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  1. karine says: Reply

    Great keep it up man

  2. Bernardo says: Reply

    PUT ON YOUR Huarache Sandals, AND SHOOT THE CURL!

  3. Dem B says: Reply

    I am really impressed together with your blogging talents. what programme did you use to draw it?

    Anyway keep up the mixture of great content!

  4. Cale says: Reply

    found your on tumblr… nice blog

  5. Myra says: Reply

    Awesome comic – would love it if you checked out mine!

  6. Scott says: Reply

    Very nice first attempt. Can’t wait to see whats next.

  7. Mable says: Reply

    It took me longer than it should have to get it…

  8. Curt says: Reply

    lol awesome!

  9. Rhys says: Reply

    I’m really impressed with your drawing skills. How did you do it? Photoshop or what?

    Either way keep it up.

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