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The republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is often in the news for all the wrong reasons. Whether it’s his racial remarks against Mexicans or plans to ban travel for Muslims – it seems as though he is never one speech away from national, if not global, headlines.


However, now he is in the news for some light hearted fun and all credit go to a creative agency called Animals who created the website trumpdonald.orgAnd with a tagline like “Why Donald Trump when you can Trump Donald?”, it’s no surprise that the site has been a hit with the online community. 

Once on the website, you control a trumpet that unleashes a blast of air so strong, it temporarily rearranges the billionaire’s signature combover.

While talking with Yahoo, Jacob Sempler of the agency said:

“The domain was available, and we just couldn’t resist,” “That’s it, really.”

Not the first time Trump has been embarrassed by a website, currently redirects itself to the official WikiPedia page for Donald Trump.

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