Pokémon’s 20th anniversary

What are you doing this February 27th? – If the answer is anything other than celebrating Pokémon’s 20th anniversary, you need to  seriously reevaluate your geek status!

Here are 10 things that will help you celebrate arguably one of the greatest holidays in the gregorian calendar!

10. start by reminding yourself why you loved the series in the first place! You can watch all the episodes you want at POKéMON TV

Find the site here!

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 18.01.58

Get it here

08. DOn’t forget to dress the part too!

You can get your own charmander onesie over at Amazon

07. For a real hit of nostalgia why not head on over to playr for a online version of a classic fan FAVORITE,

Want to play? Click here for Pokémon Red

06. finally get yourself a set of those league badges you know your ten year old self deserved.

Get the original kanto badges here

05.Show your ALLEGIANCE 24/7 with some Poké themed day wear!

You can find this Umbreon inspired hoodie at Etsy from the seller BlakBunni.


Let’s really get the celebration underway with some pokémon themed Do It Yourself tasks.

04. A paper mache cubone head!

There are so many practical uses for one of these, and considering all you need to make one yourself is aluminum foil, paper mache, masking tape, paints and modge podge, you can be running wild with the cubones!

Find the complete instructions over at Mohrigan’s Tumblr Page. 

03. Have a poké-pizza! or really any pokémon dinner item

Find the Pizza here

02. and of course follow that meal up with a suitably poké-tastic pudding

Find them over at geeknative

01. Screw it, Make a whole box of Pokéballs and Pika’s to match!


Thanks for stopping by!

What was your favorite thing on the list? What was your favorite Pokémon game? Let us know your favorite pokémon episode below!

And finally – How do you get Pikachu on a bus?

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6 Comment

  1. Arnie says: Reply

    You Poke him on…
    Happy pokemon day guys!

  2. Ashley says: Reply

    Poke TV is awesome! I’m totally gonna rewatch the first ever series – love the episode where we first meet bulbasaur.

  3. Sting says: Reply

    DIdn’t you buy the Pokémon badges at comicon?!

  4. CharmanderLvr says: Reply

    Fuck. That cu-bone helmet. damn. I need one.

  5. Dave says: Reply

    I liked pokemon Blue

    1. Shanna says: Reply

      NO! EEEWWWW. I’m strictly Red and emerald. Although gold was good to…

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